Sunday, October 18, 2009

hey's been a long time since i write the blog...well i'm kind of forget that i have a blog...hehehehe what to do...anyways now i'm back just to update afew things about...if anyone interested...anyways i've involved in a program call dinner ssil and as a urusetia i need to find people who can pay rm 15 to participate n the dinner, but so far only ten person interested. i kind of sad becuse the stdents here did not support their faculty program but it's up them whether to join it or not.... and for information the dinner is for ssil students and during this dinner we gonna prmote our new logo and maskot and also our song for the first is specially for third year student but they don't seem to be interested to join in..... well there is nothing i can say about....

this is the pic of me and the "maskot"(picture above)


  1. actually i wan to tell you, not the students here do not support faculty's program.

    but the fact is, the publicity of this programme did not do their job well. i cant see any advertisement or promotion for the makan malam ssil.

    and the booth opened in podium, is so small until i cannot notice. and the most important, those people just sit at the counter, did not do much things.

    sorry for my comment if offended you, but dun worry, i am going to the dinner. =)

  2. i'm too busy 4 ddat dinner...=]